Bruegmann - Flexroller

Vision and Mission


Bruegmann is the trusted partner to the world’s leading retailers. Our solutions enhance shopper experience and deliver sustainable innovation to a dynamic retail world.


Servicing our retail partners with innovative and compelling solutions


  • Our innovations bring fresh perspectives
  • Into our products and services we channel our worldwide knowledge and experience
  • Anticipation and ingenuity are built into our deliverables
  • We are accountable – we deliver what we promise
  • We cater to our stakeholders’ needs and priorities
  • We create fast to learn fast, valuing progress over perfection
  • We identify untapped efficiencies and propose unexpected space exploitation
  • We pursue simplicity
  • Genuinely improving stakeholder experience is our unwavering strategy
  • We love finding smart ways to offer value
  • We inquire, we deliver, we inspire
  • We operate as an extension of our customers’ team
  • Win-win-win is in our DNA – we succeed with our customers and their stakeholders
  • We look after our stakeholders – proactively identifying and resolving tomorrow’s challenges today

Diversity Statement

Diversity is our greatest asset. Our success as a company lies in our diverse teams. As a multinational company we value, respect, and celebrate our team’s differences. Our transnational presence fosters an environment of inclusion across countries, experience, identity, religion, gender, age, and race.

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