Bruegmann - Flexroller

Signage Systems
Deliver benefits across categories!


    • The Bruegmann Company has expertise in the creative design, technical and production aspects of display signage systems for both inside and outside the store.
    • Bruegmann provides a solution for each requirement: frames, stands, ceiling systems


    • Bruegmann offers a full range of communication systems to connect with customers and promote products from a standard plastic poster rail to the exclusive, customized LED aluminum frame
    • Solutions are for promotion or just orientation
    • Highly durable construction.
    • Systems are very easy to maintain and handle (e.g. graphic change on a ceiling system)…
    • If standard products do not work for a client, Bruegmann is the right partner for customized solutions


  • Enable visual merchandisers to showcase in-store communication on all levels (e.g. new product launches and seasonal promotions).
  • Engage shoppers at the point of contact – in the store !
  • Communicate creatively to the target market

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