Bruegmann - Flexroller

In-Market Testing

The most rigorous, statistical relevant research methodologies were applied in testing FlexRoller in real in-market situations comparing test stores with FlexRoller to Control stores with other traditional glides and shelving solutions.
Test AreasExpected benefitsBeneficiary Research approach
Sales ImpactIncrease of category and brand sales
Increased profitability
Reduced shrinkage

Scanner data analysis

Track scanner sales data for the test and control periods as well as for test and control stores
Operational ImpactRestock and Facing labor time ‘cost savings’

Higher value use of labor (opportunity cost)
Company doing the facing and restockingTime & Motion study

Observe several restock and facing operations before and after installation
Store ImpactOrganized, tidy, front faced category at all times

‘Easy-to-shop’ store image

Retailer interviews

Interviews with store staff in test and control stores to track opinion about operational and store impact

Visual Diary
Shelf pictures to monitor shelf situation in test and control stores

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